Hello! – I’m still here…

Hi! This is my very first post (obviously, but I still think it’s a good sentence to begin with). Although my website is supposed to deal with traveling in general and my personal travels in particular (and my ukulele, as the title implies), I’m still here and haven’t travelled one bit since I have installed this site. “Here” is Aachen, Germany by the way. I’ve been living in Aachen since 1994. Long enough!

The travel bug has bitten me and – honestly – I don’t want to be here anymore. I want to be on the road. And like many travelers before me, I’ve decided to write about it. In English (although my mother tongue is German) – to make sure I’ll reach more people out there, additionally to my fellow countrymen (who mostly understand English anyway).

There are still many things I want to finish or questions to deal with before leaving. And I’m also going to write about these, for example:

1) What are my reasons to be on the road?
2) Will I keep a postal address “at home”?
3) How can I have a health insurance while being on the road?
4) How can I make money while being on the road to keep traveling and to sustain myself?

These are just a few questions… I may add more items to the list.

I’ll also work on this blog as I go, I’ll keep developing it as I see fit. So please excuse the fact that there’s not much to see/read yet. 🙂


I love ukuleles and traveling!