Why do I want to travel?

So here’s to the most important question I’ve been asking myself for some time. I can break it down into two aspects:

1) What are we here for?
2) A constant reminder: People I know start dying around me.


You may now think: “How can you answer a question with just another question?” And I may reply: “Because nobody knows an answer.”

In my question “What are we here for?”, the “we” is representative of every human being. And the “here” is the planet. If you’re honest with yourself, you cannot tell me the real reason why you have been born and why you do the things you do. If you have children, you may now say: “I live for my children!” But even this is just a reason you have made up. The fact is, your children will most likely survive without you. And then you may ask: “Why is surviving good for anything in the first place?”

Most people literally work their asses off each day and they do it for reasons they have made up by themselves. Or maybe they believe in a religion – in that case, others have made up the reasons for them, a long time ago. But it all boils down to a single fact: Nobody really KNOWS why he/she is here for, on this rock that is constantly circling a small yellow star. In the course of our lives we usually pick some reasons (or maybe even an entire, well-devised set of reasons) that appear attractive to us and seem to be worth believing in, and then we usually spend our lives “following through”. A successful life is one that we live to the best of our abilities. And when you think of it thoroughly, you may come to the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter what you believe in or what you do.

So, the truth is: Nobody knows why he/she’s doing the things he/she does. We all just keep pretending that we know, because it gives us “a sense of purpose” in life, but actually it’s bullshit. We do not know why we are born. We do not know what the heck we’re doing here. We are born and after a little while we die. Period.

So I figured, I can as well take a closer look at the planet that I exist on for this short period of time. What else is there to do? So traveling the planet seems to be a good idea.


Two people, fellow musicians whom I personally knew, have died recently: Raimund, the founder of the “1st ukulele club of Germany” and Guido, another ukulele player and artistic photographer from a neighboring city. Guido died the day before yesterday. They were none of my close friends, but I had been in touch with them just months before they met their terminal end. They were just a little older than me.

So it occurred to me that if I want to travel the planet, I shouldn’t wait too long to make the first step! Life can be so f*ckin’ short!

And since I don’t want to make you feel low or depressed at the end of my second post, here’s a photo of my favorite flowers – the first ones this year that I’ve recently discovered on a walk with a friend: Snowdrops, harbingers or spring!

The first snowdrops I saw in 2017
The first snowdrops I saw in 2017


I love ukuleles and traveling!